Tessa Silver

Yeah. I live in South Minneapolis.

I design and program. Online learning, mobile apps (and combining the two) are my main interests.

Other interests include: Creating illustrations (Drew Struzan and Mercer Mayer are my heroes), bio and nuero feedback technology, neuroscience, music creation/production software and programming/hacking all the above. Oh yeah - I also happen to be pretty interested in my family and kids, whom I'm always having ridiculous amounts of fun with while learning what makes each of us as awesomely healthy and happy as possible (mostly via hacking).

I'm a Senior Interactive Developer for Capella University, I write for Packt Publishing and various other blogs. I also create media and apps (in my oh-so-copious spare time) via my company hyper3media LLC (pronounced: hyper-cube-media).

It'll mostly be a re-hash of the above, but feel free to learn more about me: