On Zefyr's Founder

"Florian David's work ethic and ability to solve difficult problems quickly earned him the reputation of a person who can get it done no matter what." Anthony J. DeGregorio President and Chief Creative Officer, Publicis New York.

“Florian brings to the table some notable and ahead of times ideas... free thinking minds like his can define future trends” Neelima Khanna, Chief Executive, CARMA International India Pvt Ltd.

“Florian has been key in defining CARMA's new strategy which now allies insightful analysis with actionable consulting advice to C-suite executives. What I especially love in his strong-minded personality is his commitment and passion to achieve great endeavours: He is aiming at the moon and actually reaches the stars! Good Luck my friend!” Benjamin Kaminsky, Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics, CARMA International Ltd.

“If I had to define Florian in one single word I'd say "Reliable". Florian is one of the most reliable persons I have ever worked with. He is a man of his words and can be counted on to deliver what he's committed to and more. This coupled with his straightforward character and likeable ways is what made him so successful at handling some key clients' relationships.” Kevin Decaux, Senior Analyst & Consultant, CARMA International Ltd.

“Florian is stimulating to work with and is good at generating new ideas and options. He is a good listener, and able to move conversations along through effective summarising and proposing. I enjoy working with him. He works hard and if he makes commitments, sticks to them.” Nik Vitkovitch, Chief Analyst, CARMA International Ltd.

“Passionate, hard working, intelligent and with great integrity, Florian is totally committed to delivering the best possible service to his clients, whatever it takes. And all of it with a great sense of fun!” Sabine Dupont, Chief Operating Officer, CARMA International Ltd.