Tiago Nunes

Lisbon, Portugal

This journey started a long time ago...

When I was a kid I used to "destroy" toys just for the pleasure of figuring it out how they worked and assemble them back again. At the age of 10, with my brother and a friend, we´ve created, produced and sold a small local newspaper to support our vaccations initiatives (mostly sweets, football cards, bike parts and carnival fairs rides). Curiously my brother became a journalist, our friend a salesman and I... a designer.

Over the last 8 years I’ve been using design as a strategic tool towards innovation, to learn and perform research of a given problem, identify opportunities and define strategies for action, create and test concepts, develop products and services, as well defining and implementing new brand strategies. My work and experience has been ranging from: interior design; product design; mobile and web applications; business strategy; organizational processes, while working and learning with amazing, talented and diverse people. All contributing to an exciting and fullfiling journey.

A journey that so far as taken me from Lisbon to Berlin - Los Angeles - Melbourne. Now I am back to Lisbon, enjoying the life of a happy husband and preparing the ground for new adventures...

  • Work
    • Designer
  • Education
    • Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon
    • School of Economics and Management, Lisbon
    • HPI - School of Design Thinking