Thane Heins

Ottawa, Canada

Welcome the Thane Heins web page.

Thane Heins is the President, CEO and Founder of Potential Difference Inc. (PDI). Thane left the restaurant business and joined the high tech industry in 1999 when he sold his successful Old Towne Hall Restaurant when he began becoming aware and concerned regarding issues of earth sustainability and in the areas of energy, water and food.

Thane has never considered himself to be an uninvolved "innocent" bystander and was a member of the Green Party of Ontario and ran in a Provincial Election in his riding of Renfrew, Nippissing, Pembroke in order to make his growing environmental concerns known and heard. He also ran in a Federal Election as an independent candidate and was the Vice President of his student council in College.

Thane is married and the father of five children.

What is Thane Heins' Innovation? Thane Heins's innovation is called Regenerative Acceleration Generator (ReGen-X) Technology and represents a reversal of several currently accepted laws of physics in electricity and magnetism.

Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology now allows electric vehicles to partially recharge their batteries as they drive without the decelerative effects associated with regenerative braking. The exact final magnitude of recharge capability has not yet been determined but 76% recharge capacity has already been established.

What is Potential Difference Inc and what is it doing with the innovation? PDI is a Cleantech/Energy R&D intellectual property development company which was founded by Thane Heins and incorporated in 2005. Initial PDi research began in the area of flywheel energy storage in collaboration with Dr. Paul Allaire at the University of Virginia's Rotating Machines and Control's Laboratory (ROMAC). PDi was invited to move its research into a satellite lab at the University of Ottawa in 2008 following a successful Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology demonstration at MIT. PDI's technologies were further developed and refined under the supervision of Dr. Riadh Habash in Ottawa University's power lab.

PDI is currently licensing or negotiating Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology licenses in India, Europe, USA, Canada and South America.