Craig McKechnie

Somewhat of a "web junkie" since my first visit to Angelfire and GeoCities where I laid down my first HTML, I love Web Design & Development as well as technology as a whole. My passion is building websites and web communities. I love building websites and seeing them grow. Communities, blogs or even business portals - I want to bring CSS3 and HTML5 to the masses and bring down Internet Explorer!

Other than the web and tech, you can find me cheering on my Boston "City of Champions" teams or playing some games online. I love my life and everyday is a challenge that my wife and our three crazy cats make easier! My full-time job as a Webmaster is a dream come true and only step one in a long journey to a young boy's dream. Someday, I want my own studio capable of even the largest of tasks online.

However, one day at a time.

Want to know more about me or see me elsewhere online? Check out the below and I'll see you on the other side...