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1 UK Mortgages is the number one solution for bad credit mortgages. We specialize in providing lending options for applicants with bad credit, who may have been denied a mortgage from previous applications.

We work with every lender in the UK network, and our specialists know exactly what each lender looks for in an applicant. Our knowledge of the industry helps us make the right determination for our clients and make the right recommendations for the best approval odds for those in need of a mortgage.

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve happily helped thousands of individuals buy their dream homes or remortgage their current home into a better rate. We will do everything possible to assist you with finding a lender that will work with you, your credit score, and your budget.

If you are not looking for a new mortgage to purchase a new home, but would like utilize your current home to obtain a secured loan or remortgage, 1 UK Mortgages are here to help with that as well! Visit our website for more information!


· Secured loans for bad credit

· Mortgages and remortgages for bad credit

· Thousands of mortgages to work with

· Specialists that work with all lenders in the UK Market

· Personalized support for all applicants

· Network of lenders that will work with credit scores of all types.

· Much more!


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