David Hachez

I was born in Brussels - capital of Europe - on 26 December 1975, the day after Christmas. It appears that date (not the year) has its musical touch since Phil Spector (hum hum), Lars Ulrich, John Scofield among others were born on a 26 December. So, yes I do share a passion with those gentlemen : Music. I am also passionate about technology and I still remember the first time I switched on an Apple Macintosh 512k back in 1985 when I was desperately willing to receive a Commodore 64 (Games were cooler on Commodore). So i started designing instead of playing and therefore efficiency with a screen has become the norm for me. I studied Marketing & Communication in a pragmatic school IHECS (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales) in Brussels combining academic knowledge (economics, sociology, history, psychology, etc.) with a strong practical dive into the great world of media (photography, graphic design, video techniques, audio mixing & editing, script writing and many more). After a few months spent in Antwerpen @ the Jazz Studio (a jazz music school) to study the guitar and fulfill a youngster's dream I started my professional career in the internet world. It was in June 1999 just before the Dot-com Bubble crash. Since then a lot has been written about the internet. My professional experience in the internet industry has been nourished and enriched in terms of knowledge and insights by occupying different positions at different levels of the complete communication cycle (Brands & Consumers): media sales house : @dnet Belgium (a subsidiary of Rossel Group) web agency : Digital Age Design (now LBi) media planning and buying agency : Mediaedge:cia (on & off line). software/media side : Microsoft creative agency: Duval Guillaume brand development and marketing : Raz*War As an entrepreneur since 2007 I also started companies and or initiatives to launch and support the ideas emerging in my head or with my networked partners. Later in my life I switched the city life for the country life and became sensitive to Mother Nature's call for support. This is where I say: "We are part of Nature; therefore we have to deeply respect it."