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To open her upper body you need to increase her serious head; to obtain her serious head, you require to do 50 Deaths on Cetrion in the Tower modes. Plus if you haven't unlocked it from the console, despite how many times you grab the card in TYL, you wont have the ability to acquire it from the shop to fuse it further. Essentially you will certainly never strike e7 on any of the 4 cards via TYL and also consequently the unlock through a console is needed if you wan na max em out. Stick To Prima Gamings as we continue to cover Mortal Kombat X as we come close to the April 14 launch date.
The certain Spirit Vault that has the Ensorcelled Gem will certainly be the one that requires 10,000 Souls to open up. Souls are a sort of money, and also it takes a really long time to collect a lot of them. An additional one is Cetrion's Amulet, which can be gotten by opening Cetrion's breast in the Warrior Temple.