The Best Damn Talk Show

The uber creative and enthusiastic ladies of the Best Damn Talk Show are aspiring TV hostesses with backgrounds in Broadcasting, Entertainment, and Film. With their ambitions and dedication to their online show, while being focussed full-time College students in Toronto, Ontario, they have a knack for interviewing an array of up-and-coming celebrities, different personalities, facilitating discussions on a series of different topics, and much more.

These hard-working ladies are solidifying their brand by continuously working diligently at their craft, and by exuding the confidence in their initiatives based on the long hours they have invested into their projects. This includes volunteering their time, efforts and support to several community events, shows, concerts, festivals, parties, and more.

What else can be said about this multi-talented young trio of friends and their passion for fashion, entertainment, community, popular culture, trends and relationships?


The list doesn't stop there though, for the FUN, SMART, and SASSY ladies of the Best Damn Talk Show, who are also known as:




Learn more about the Best Damn Talk Show crew by connecting with them through their website and their other social media profiles.

They look forward to talking with you soon!

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