The Bikerni


The Bikerni was kickstarted by Urvashi Patole in January 2011. Her aim was to create a platform for women who ride motorcycles and for those who aspire to ride motorcycles as well.

With the help of a few dedicated women, the foundation of The Bikerni was laid in cities all over India.
The Bikerni's mission is to create an equal platform for women motorcyclists and to empower women all over India through the field of motorcycles.

The members of The Bikerni have a number of records to their name and are well respected in the biking community as the front-runners of the women motorcycling movement.

The Bikerni is present in almost all major cities and each city chapter has a fixed administrator and rotating road captains. Each region of India is monitored by a moderator who co-ordinates with the cities in her domain.

There is a core committee present who discuss and execute the route of The Bikerni's growth and the main board consists of Urvashi Patole. Sheetal Bidaye and Chithra Priya.

The Bikerni encourages the members to head out on road-trips, to connect with fellow members and treat them like family and also participates and volunteers in motorcycling events and social causes.

We aim to encourage women to ride on paths they would have never though of before.

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