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Why I Do Not Recommend Winstrol

I have been trying to get rid of my belly fat and develop muscle mass for quite some time without any success. On searching the net, I discovered that the generation of testosterone, a natural hormone produced by the human body, and helps increase its metabolic rate, decreases after one reaches 30 years of age. I also found out that numerous online stores offer synthetic variants of testosterone such as Winstrol UK. According to the claims made by the web based stores, this particular synthetic hormone would help me to get rid of my fat and develop rippling muscles too. However, I have also heard about the health related risks posed by this steroid, which acts by boosting the metabolic rate of the user. I decided to try this steroid by myself and find out whether it provided any positive results.

Since I was naive, reading the positive reviews about Winstrol UK, posted on many online shops surprised me. I decided to order a trial pack, use it, and find out if it worked as promised. For the uninitiated, Winstrol is the brand name of stanazolol, a synthetic anabolic steroid obtained from dihydrotestosterone. For the first couple of days, post taking Winstrol UK, I used to face problems in sleeping. I did not bother much about this problem, until I started getting headaches on a regular basis. I have never suffered from such problems before, yet I kept on taking the steroids in the hope that the problems would diminish after a couple of weeks. However, this did not happen. To compound problems, I hardly noticed any substantial loss of fat or gain in muscle mass. Keeping these facts in mind, I decided to conduct a research about this drug.

I was shocked to find negative reviews about this product on many popular websites including those owned by leading physicians. The information on those sites highlights the dangers of the drug. It affects the liver and in certain instances has lead to the demise of the individual taking it. This steroid also increases the cholesterol levels. Many people, in an attempt to speed up their body building process take more than the recommended dosage. I would not recommend them to do so as it might cause problems.

All said and done, chances are that my body did not react positively to Winstrol. This anabolic steroid might prove to be helpful for others. However, I would like to point out that only relatively healthy persons should use it. I would not recommend Winstrol UK