Rexx Shelton

Salisbury, North Carolina

Desires more then anything to be a horseman.

I now I find myself where God wants me to be, and I am happy in the life I now find myself. I have found that if you make no effort to get what it is you want, and then the waiting for what you want is in vain. If having tried with no success was the rule for giving up, and then most successful people would be stuck in their failure. I was/am a U. S. Marine, Currently Sargent at Arm for Marine Corps League Detachment 1096 in Salisbury, NC.

Now I am retired and spend most of my time now playing with horses. I train them, go on overnight camping trip with them, compete at horse shows, and as soon as I can find me a fast enough horse I am going to start back on the NBHA circuit.

I do not wish just to talk to the people I agree with, my mind is close only on a few subjects, for example, “It is my country, right or wrong”. If any opinion I hold is in error I wish to discover the error and correct it. I have absolutely no problem admitting I am wrong once I understand that I was wrong. That is one reason I love to debate so much, e.g., to test my worldview for errors.

In things for which they can be no proof I consider the path to be chosen entirely up to the individual where it be the materialistic godless or a god based path. It is when another derides the individual as stupid for choosing their path that I weigh in. I am cursed with an ability to see why someone could legitimately choose to walk either way. I also understand that there are many different views of what God may be, and how best to walk the path to realization or salvation, but I am also carry the belief that they cannot all be right, and that some paths lead into, if not damnation, a deeper separating from God.

As well as being self educated on many subjects I hold two undergraduate degrees as well as a Masters in Businesses: A Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology the Chicago Campus, A Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Lambuth University in Jackson Tennessee, and an MBA from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri. I worked many years as a Service Engineer on Medical Imaging Diagnostic Equipment, CT, MRI, Nuclear Cameras, and R/F Rooms, now, as I said above, I just play with my horses.

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