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I grew up with a father in a successful manufacturing company that developed my business mindset. In tact is a very compassionate heart for others! We go through life ONE time. It's the relationships that matter over the material gains. I want to lead a life that matters! When I go to bed at night if I have helped one person with their business or can lift them up and encourage them to achieve more ....I sleep very well!

Life brings you opportunities. This new venture I have started evolved by stepping out of my comfort zone. It also started with my husband and I venturing into wanting to buy a foreclosed piece of property. Buying foreclosed property isn't an easy task due to the competition and in our case the listing realtor was trying to keep everyone out of the bidding process. My tenacious spirit and creative mindset we were able to purchase that particular property.

Thats where our decorative spirit came alive. We went onto buying an investment property. We also bought a second home that was a regular purchase but the home was outdated.

Sharing our projects on Facebook with family and friends we were told we had a special knack.

That's when I started sharing projects on Pinterest, Home Talk and now on my blog.

I invite you to come by and see for yourself and come be apart of our evolution. Leave comments and share your ideas!

I would like to encourage everyone to forget other people's judgments and follow what you love! Believe in yourself, we all fail but don't look at it as a negative experience- don't doubt yourself. Failure is an opportunity - to learn, to improve and to take what you learned and do better!

Stay blessed, look for the silver lining and above all keep reaching out side of your comfort zone!


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