kah wah tan

Photographer and "incomplete" artist in Singapore

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Lives in Singapore.

Married/2 married daughters in their early 40's.

Works as a commercial photographer and a now and then artist.

For all of my 7 decades of life span, I seek not the limelight but prefer to be in the shadowy zones and much of my personal work in photography is in high contrast...reflecting my preferences in life.

Painting and drawing is as art as photography and I spend free time ( aside from household chores, family and friend relationships, pet dogs, managing my photographic assignments ) at painting in oil and drawing in ink/watercolor pencils.....inspired by the many thousands of other artists found on the web.

Beginning 2017, I acquired a Native American 5 hole flute and since then have been voicing myself with it's haunting notes.

  • Education
    • National University of Singapore