Tara Colquitt

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Credit Couseling in the United States

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I will assist you in learning to manage your credit, money and debt to create opportunities in real estate, job creation/retention and overall financial health.
If you desire creditable credit counseling with proven results, you have found the right company to assist you. When you change your relationship with your money you will change your life.

I was featured (along with my co-partner) in Essence magazine's November 2007 issue. I have extensive experience in real estate, although I began my professional career as a civil engineer. As an investor I also knew that to sell a house, it was imperative that a person’s credit was up to par. That is why I initially became interested in credit restoration in the early 2000s. I always remember:

'No one wants to buy what you sell. What they want are the results they can achieve by utilizing what you sell to pursue their own goals and objectives.'

Therefore, with my vast knowledge in real estate transactions, wide circle of resources and my personal commitment to helping each person who has set a dream of home ownership or another goal, I will guide them each step of the way to help them achieve their dream.

In addition, I was awarded a 2012 Community Service Award by Senator Vincent Hughes' office.

That's my bio, but there is so much more to each of us! I discovered 'The Secret' in February 2007 and since consciously incorporating 'The Law of Attraction' in my life, I have been transformed.

Check out my website for free credit workshops, radio shows/appearances, sign up for my newsletter, connect with me on Facebook and much more! I am your source for what you need to know in today's ever changing credit climate.

Knowledge is power.


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