Famous Ray's Pizza

The Famous Ray's Pizza brings 40 years of authentic tradition to every slice of its award-winning New York City-style pizza. Each slice of The Famous Ray's Pizza offers fresh and wholesome ingredients, such as fresh-packed sauce made from only vine-ripened tomatoes. The Famous Ray's Pizza’s chefs produce the premium 100-percent tomato sauce the traditional way, with tomatoes plucked from California vines and placed into a sealed can within six hours of harvest, preserving the vegetables’ full body and natural aroma. In addition, the tomatoes used in The Famous Ray's Pizza sauce are pre-peeled, avoiding the acidic, bitter qualities often associated with tomato skins. Customers applaud The Famous Ray's Pizza’s sauce, as it avoids the heartburn sometimes associated with pizza sauces of lesser quality made from unpeeled tomatoes.

The Famous Ray's Pizza offers both thick- and thin-crust pizzas and strives to meet special customer requests whenever possible. Of the dozen pizza varieties listed on The Famous Ray's Pizza menu, the Classic Plain Pie remains a perennial favorite, as does The One and Only Famous Grandma’s Pizza. The Famous Ray's Pizza created The One and Only Famous Grandma’s Pizza with an eye for detail, incorporating fresh chunks of tomatoes and basil over a special blend of cheeses and garlic. The Famous Ray's Pizza chefs add a dash of secret sauce to this mouthwatering creation before serving.

The Famous Ray's Pizza offers a multitude of other traditional authentic Italian dishes, including lasagna, which rumors have it improves upon original recipes from the Old Country. Sandwiches, stuffed shells, rolls, and hearty calzones round out The Famous Ray's Pizza menu. The Artichokes Spinach Pie has recently received widespread acclaim, generating positive reviews from leading American chefs at a national tasting event. The Artichokes Spinach Pie features a crispy crust bordering a rich interior filled with thinly sliced artichoke pieces, spinach, and The Famous Ray's Pizza’s unique mix of Pecorino and other specialty cheeses. For more details on The Famous Ray's Pizza, please visit www.famousrayspizzanyc.com.