Northern, CA

i create.

a handwritten note should never go out of style.

cupcakes with extra frosting are always a good idea.

you can never, ever have enough sprinkles.

more sprinkles, always more sprinkles.

a dress with pockets is the best invention in the world.

there’s no such thing as too much whipped cream.

start each day like it's your birthday.

i insist on some kickass fun in all my designs.

i strive to design invitations that are timeless, classic and beautiful.

i find inspiration in the daily grind, all around me.simple is grand.

details are a must.

designs that are so stunning they stay on the fridge long after the party.

i want to create the greatest parties.

from invitations to cupcake toppers down to the confetti.

every time. no matter what.

life is a party. dress up!