Band in Brewer, Maine

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Members: Brady Harris: Guitar/vocals; Keith Bates: Guitar (filling in for us for a bit); Jeff Bryant: Bass; Bruce Worcester: Drums/backing vocals; Sound: Anthony Toneatti; Writers: Brady Harris/Cheryl Hodgins; Social Media/Photos/Video: Cheryl Hodgins

The Ian Black Band is based in Brewer, ME; started up in 2012, releasing their debut album, Take the Wheel, in 2014. Since then, their original tunes have been getting a lot of airplay on local and Internet radio stations.

With several originals under their belt and a long list of cover tunes, they put on a great show! Their second album is due out this year, as well as their first tour in the works going down the East Coast as far as Tennessee.

The Ian Black Band's material can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bull Moose stores, as well as being on several streaming services across the internet. An official website will be up soon!! Check back!

The Ian Black Band is owned and managed by Transcendental Entertainment/Transcendental Publishing.

For licensing, please contact transcendentalpub@gmail.com or call Cheryl at (207) 944-9322.

For bookings, please contact theianblackband@gmail.com or call Brady at (207) 944-8760.