Jess Lewis

Los Angeles

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Technologista, Scientist, Farmer, Food Alchemist, Chef, Cookbook Author

Jess Lewis is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a rich history of product, brand, and story development, recurring revenue and technology marketing, and creating transformative teams. With significant experience leading product and marketing for globally recognized companies, she has driven demand and growth subscription strategies for heavyweights in the tech, entertainment, health/wellness, and outdoor industries including Ancestry, Disney, Nike, and Playboy, as well as several successful rapid growth startups.

Lewis keeps her fingers on the pulse of technology and innovation through her work as an advisor and investor with several rapid growth start-ups. Lewis studied Biochemistry and Physics at Wittenberg University and uses her education in science to bring a unique perspective to any business creating a landscape of rapid testing, data analysis, and optimization.

She spends nearly all of her volunteer time advocating for advancements in sustainable agriculture and urban farms and empowering local communities. She sits on the local neighborhood council where she strives to preserve one of the last remaining heritage horse communities in the Los Angeles area.

She lives on a micro-ranch near the heart of the Verdugo Mountains with her family where she raises escargot & mushrooms and has been known to travel far and wide for the perfect Eggs Benedict. To reduce stress from corporate life, you can find her climbing a mountain, with her hands in the dirt, hanging out with her horses, or cooking up the next recipe for her upcoming cookbook.

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Notable Engagements:, Disney, Paper Tiger Films, Facebook, Magic Bullet, Dish Network, Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, Outlook Amusements, Farmer's Insurance, Zurich Financial, Alchemy, Blue Buffalo, Nike, Disney, Chipotle, eHarmony, TJX Companies, Inc., CTN Animation Expo, RaiUno TV, SEB Radio

Challenge. Disrupt. Innovate. Measure. Rinse. Repeat.