Kevin Dent

Kevin Dent

Kevin Dent is a 14 year veteran from the digital video games space, after working on virtually every platform, Kevin set up Tiswaz Entertainment to help start-ups, publishers and investors reach their goals by leveraging his experience and network. His first position was scamming his boss at a mobile operator to allow him to build a team develop mobile games.

His mantra then as it is now is that it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Within a year the games group was held within the sales division -yes, the sales team- and was profitable within 6 months.

Sometimes that means just making an introduction or finding a way to get a deal done, other times he helps PE/VC firms generate deal flow. Kevin stated his career in the mobile entertainment space and then migrated up through the various platforms. He is the former chair of the IGDA Mobile Group. He is also on the advisory boards of Tap.Me, Playhaven and Brass Monkey.

Latest projects are:

Rekoil at PC multiplayer FPS title due for released in 2012

Foodie Truck which is an iOS timemanagement title