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Musician, Artist, and Writer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Musician, Artist, and Writer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Nine times out of ten when interviewing a musician, you'd most likely hear the statement (tune), "I started off writing music at an early age." Aside from the fact that music is an art, the Harrisburg native, Christopher Tyrone Ravenel currently known as Thelonius, expressed his inner "artsy" side through just about every outlet outside of music. As a child, he spent his time painting, drawing and writing poetry and short stories.

Born into a musical family, Chris was always surrounded by music. Most of his family sang in the church choir resulting in Chris becoming influenced by gospel. Outside of gospel music, he took a liking to jazz and rhythm and blues. It was only natural for him to enjoy music by some of the greats, like Luther Vandross and Grover Washington Jr. However, the late jazz guru, Thelonious Monk played a tune that stuck with Chris forever.

During high school, Chris was introduced to hip-hop which gravitated him towards a more innovative type of art form. After hearing songs like: "If I Ruled The World" from Nas, "What They Do" from The Roots, and "The Light" from Common to name a few, Chris became very excited about writing music. After graduating high school in 2006, Chris attended Antonelli Institute for Arts & Photography to pursue a career in graphic design. It was there he met his friends Bailey Mansfield Morton (formally known as Marz Aristotle) and Omar Bullock (Osmeazy) and they formed the hip-hop group Genius.

Still very close with his "Genius" family, Thelonius decided to pursue his music journey as a solo artist. Thelonius has completed four mixtapes since making this decision back in 2008. North By Midwest, LovEnemy, Roses In Gangland, and F.E.A.R. which landed him two nominations at the 2014 Central Pennsylvania Video Music Awards. Thelonius brought home the award for "Best Hip-Hop Video of the Year" from the song and video "Invictus" and was nominated for "Best Album of the Year."

One of the most meaningful songs he ever wrote off any project was called "A History Of Violence (John's Song)” a song written and dedicated to Bailey's brother who was murdered. Thelonius and Mansfield also founded and launched Childhood Alumni (stylized as CHLDHDAlumni), a group of like-minded underground artists that consist of Mic Don, F.5, Zar'lier & Lady Shakespeare. These achievements Thelonius will never forget.

Even after becoming a father in August 2016, he still finds to keep music grounded in his life.

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    • Antonelli Institute