Miss Lynzie

Born under the sign of Leo, Lynzie’s earliest memories involve rock concerts and airplanes. Growing up in Los Angeles, surrounded by artists and entertainers, Lynzie spent the majority of her time in various ballet studios across the San Fernando Valley. After returning from NYU, she worked in both the fashion and entertainment industries, as well as in event production and copywriting, before shifting her focus to Waldorf education and social renewal. An advocate of urban cycling, conscientious consumerism, and sacred economics, Lynzie lives in sunny San Diego with one talented artist, two radiant children, and an ever growing menagerie of animal pals. She authors Small Time Cook, a blog based on a love for making things compassionately, where she shares original vegan recipes and other fun projects. In addition to her work as a writer and as a teacher, she is the co-founder of San Diego Vegan Supper Club, a monthly pop-up restaurant featuring seasonal artisanal cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. An Irish whiskey enthusiast, Lynzie enjoys practicing yoga and pilates, dreaming up fantastical schemes to relocate her family to the French countryside, and crafting beautiful things out of fiber and other sundry materials. She is almost always thinking about her next meal.