The Mabra Law Firm

Personal Injury Lawyer and personal injury law firm in 197 14th St NW Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30318

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The Mabra Law Firm

197 14th St NW Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30318

(404) 344-5255

The Mabra Firm LLC is a personal injury law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their team of lawyers has helped their clients receive the compensation they deserve for an injury related to an accident, covering their medical costs and their suffering.

We specialize in auto accidents, truck accidents motorcycle accidents, and catastrophic injuries that occurred on someone’s property or at a workplace. The law firm has a 99 percent success rate and has been involved in lawsuits that have resulted in claims of more than a million dollars.

If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to know if your case has merit, contact The Mabra Firm for a free consultation.