Mark Walker

Editor, Director, and Mother in Wyoming, MI, USA

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Hi, my name is Mark Walker, I'm 36 years old, so I am employed as the senior editor at BestReviews.Tips and overseeing the smart home, cameras/photography, drones, and fitness/wearables categories. I'm married, I've got two kids, my wife and I have been married for ten years, and our kids are mature enough, and go to college. I'm fond of extreme sports, so also I create video clips about food and set them on youtube.

I gained my first practical experience after working for about three months in a restaurant. Then I was invited to a coffee boutique of this world-known French chain. It was under the guidance of my boss I almost discovered and mastered the fundamentals of culinary art. I realized how important it's to constantly maintain perfect cleanliness and order in the kitchen, so that everything literally sparkles. As a consequence of the"college", at the age of 22 I became a sous-chef. To put it differently, I myself became a deputy chef.

I reside in New Mexico, and while I was still in collegeI had a sort of hobby - to research the way the work of different restaurants in this city is coordinated. I awakened with their managers and literally for a few days went to their work. In total, I went to about three dozen restaurants, including the very best restaurants of the city. The experience that I gained considerably widened my horizons. When I returned from the military and went to function to get a sous-chef at one of the city's restaurants. I shifted a total of three areas of work.

Sometimes I participate in racing. Extreme sports are my passion. My wife worked in an extreme equipment store. There has been a test-drive of ATVs. I needed a ride and suddenly decided to purchase one for me personally. I picked up all the required details using the website .

My personal experience is as follows: I was called to work as an analyst because I asked too many questions inside the company. I worked for the company and pestered the analytics department with all kinds of questions about the client base, what happens to them and how it works, and once they made me an offer to work for them. That's how I got into the analytics department. Pretty weird and random.

And if I purposefully searched for work in analytics now, I would act by "in the forehead". You have to write a resume and look for companies that accept people with little experience or interns to get that experience.