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Exploring the 10 Countries with the Highest Diabetes Rates in the World in 2024 Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition that is increasingly becoming a global health problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. The year 2024 will not only witness an increase in diabetes cases, but also a shift in its geographic prevalence. Here are the 10 countries with the highest diabetes rates in the world in 2024: 1.India India is already home to one of the largest diabetes populations in the world. Factors such as rapid urbanization, changing lifestyles and unhealthy diets have led to a significant increase in the number of diabetes sufferers in the country. 2. China With rapid economic growth, China is also experiencing many cases of diabetes. Changes in diet, increased stress, and less active lifestyles have led to an increased prevalence of diabetes among the population. 3.United States Diabetes remains a major health problem in the United States. Factors such as obesity, reduced physical activity and unhealthy diet have led to an increase in cases of type 2 diabetes in the country. 4. Indonesia Indonesia is experiencing rapid growth in diabetes cases, driven by rapid urbanization and lifestyle changes. The high consumption of foods high in sugar and low in fiber has caused the prevalence of diabetes to increase among the Indonesian population prediksi hk. 5. Pakistan Pakistan also faces a large diabetes burden, with increasing prevalence among the adult population. Factors such as poverty, limited access to health care, and lack of awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle have contributed to this problem. 6. Brazil Brazil has seen a significant increase in the number of diabetes cases, largely due to changes in diet and a less active lifestyle. Large economic disparities have also contributed to the high prevalence of diabetes in the country. 7.Bangladesh Bangladesh faces a serious problem with diabetes, especially among the urban population. Lack of access to quality health care and lack of awareness about the importance of early detection and management of diabetes have contributed to this. 8. Japan Despite having lower diabetes rates compared to some of the other countries on this list, Japan has seen a significant increase in diabetes cases, especially among its older population.Changes in modern diet and lifestyle have contributed to this problem. 9. Mexico Mexico is facing a diabetes epidemic caused by high obesity rates