Printer, Consultant, and Writer in Hong Kong

Not once in my whole life have I ever been bored.

I am Robert Lee, a.k.a. The Naked Listener. I currently live in Hong Kong, where I run The Naked Listener's Weblog. Professionally, I'm a non-practising lawyer working as printbroker and financial printer.

I write and shoot pictures just about every day for practice and to tell stories. I'm a published author (or 'have been,' depending on how you look at things).

My blog has an unbroken online existence since 1996, receiving The Versatile Blogger Award in 2011 and The Very Inspiring Blogger Award in 2012. My blog has been cited in the mainstream press and myself the subject of a newspaper feature in 1988.


"Too old to live, too young to die, too slow to burn out, too fast to stay still."

Other than that, I have long hair and wear cowboy boots. I collect 16th and 17th century engravings. I once played polo for Hertfordshire, UK. I had also been a globally ranked competitive motorcyclist. I'm also 66% lucky.

Get more lurid details from my blog's About page.

I spent my formative years in 13 different countries because of the professional antics of my architect and fashion designer parents. To keep things simple, I say I grew up in the UK and Italy with bits in between, so we can get on with the wining and dining.

As a late developer, I started school only at age 12 and finished all formal education by 17. My 'edjumacation' lasted considerably longer. I went on to waste time, money and effort in English and Hong Kong law, but don't practice law (thankfully).

I speak (and sometimes genuflect in) fluent, flawless English and Chinese (Cantonese dialect, although I'm not Cantonese), but analogously dismal French and German — even more pathetic Italian. It takes me only a fortnight to pick up Farsi, mainly in the company of Iranian female friends. I also ‘sign’ — sign language — badly, of course.

Please do get in touch with me. All my friends are awesome.



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