Theodore Kapanjie

Physician in Manchester, Missouri

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To ensure that his staff members and colleagues are in a position to maximize their capabilities for the benefit of the clinic and its patients is his responsibility. His stay at St. Louis Skin Solutions has provided him with the opportunity to develop skills that will help him in his future career as a family medicine physician. Theodore Kapanjie, DO has put his aesthetic medicine abilities to use while working at St. Louis Skin Solutions, assisting patients in looking and feeling their best. When patients walk out the door of St. Louis Skin Solutions, they have greater self-confidence and a significantly higher degree of self-esteem than when they walked in. Moreover, Theodore Kapanjie, DO has assisted St. Louis Skin Solutions in staying up to speed on the most recent research in the industry, ensuring that they are always advocating for the best interests of their patients. The very positive feedback that St. Louis Skin Solutions receives reflects this dedication to always putting the requirements of the patient above all else.

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