The Oxford Ambient Collective

I have been creating music for many years now, mostly on an old on an old PC. Then in early 2011 I almost exclusively started to use my iPad as a means of making music.
As my artist name suggests I tend to focus on ambient based tunes. This can take the form of piano improvisations, use of orchestral based sounds to using pure synth tones and spacey vibes and textures. This kind of makes me very much a soundscape/soundtrack composer.
I know some may see the iPad as a mere toy and don't take anyone who uses such a tool seriously. Personally I don't care. What it does let me do is create music whereevr I am be it in a coffee shop, in a laundrette or even half way up a mountain (which by the way I haven't done yet!). The iPad gives me a lot of creative freedom and in essence just lets me play just what I feel.
I am more than happy for people to dowmload my tracks and do with what they want - always happy to collaborate :)