Pascal Schuster

freelance shoutcaster in Germany

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I am a freelance play-by-play shoutcaster for Rocket League with 4+ years of experience.

Over the course of my journey through Rocket League, I have commentated games for various organizations, including Freaks4UGaming and Team Firewall, where I am a part of the official German RLCS studio broadcast, ELCGaming, Rival Esports, CCA,, Rocket Street, Rocket League Central, ESL/NESL, Gfinity, and, last but not least, the ASTRO-sponsored Beyond Entertainment, where I am currently shoutcasting weekly to bi-weekly Rocket League tournaments in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 modes to several thousand regular viewers.

I have studio and LAN experience, and I thrive in a professional studio environment. I work well with various classes and styles of talent, having been chiefly responsible for onboarding new Rocket League talent through the RLC-powered Gfinity weekly EU tournaments for large parts of 2016 and 2017.

I am bilingual and can cast and host fluently and accent-free in both English and German.

My journey in Esports in general began 5 years ago, where I commentated weekly League of Legends events for the EGL, culminating in a LAN qualifier for the Riot 4 Nations Tournament at PlayExpo in Manchester, though currently, I am focusing on shoutcasting Rocket League.

My Rocket League career found its start at Rocket League Central, where I was a regular part of the casting team for one of the first major Rocket League tournaments, the Rocket League Central Pro League, and the premier tournament series, Rocket Royale.

After taking an extended hiatus from commentating, I am now once more available for any and all Rocket League tournaments and/or events, and actively seeking out opportunities to build upon my casting résumé, gather experience and refine my abilites as a commentator. If you are interested in hiring me for your event, click the link above and/or contact me through my email address: [email protected]

I am looking forward to working with you!