Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt

Technology Consultant

I specialize in helping people get a foothold in our rapidly changing world, whether it's finding tools to make them more productive or simply helping them learn to cope under a barrage of information. I also support emergency officials in their social media efforts.

Interests and activities include:

Technology for good

Wisdom 2.0

Communications & Cognition

Process Management

M.A. in Theoretical Linguistics (specializing in Artificial Intelligence)

B.A. in Psychology / Speech & Hearing Science

Founding member EMCampNM

Social Media and Emergency Managment (SMEM)

Virtual Operations Support (Team Lead, PNW VOST and Santa Fe OEM VOST)

Santa Fe ARES (General License)

Santa Fe Search & Rescue

Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition

Choral performance - Coro Santa Fe