Theresa McCarty Yale

Environmetalist, Senior Consultant, and Research Fellow in Boston, Massachusetts

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Environmentalist Theresa McCarty has founded her career on pillars of global-consciousness and a passion for green energy initiatives. She currently works as a Senior Consultant & Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources & Environment.

Theresa McCarty maintains a deep passion for environmental issues both foreign and domestic. After all, climate change does not discriminate -- all nations and regions are impacted by its affliction. She has observed green technologies in action throughout the world. Dabbling in the cultures and lifestyles of the lands she has traveled to, she has achieved fluency in five different languages. This achievement can be attributed to her prolific passport, which has granted her the opportunity to live on four continents throughout her life. Theresa McCarty’s transcontinental travels have offered her a worldly insight on how other nations are combating environmental issues and disasters.

A diversely educated businesswoman, Theresa McCarty’s real-world experiences are coupled with a solid academic background. Her qualifications include a Certificate in Energy Innovation & Emerging Technologies from Stanford University, as well as degrees from the University of New Hampshire and Middlebury College in Energy, Environment & Natural Resources and Chinese Language & Literature, respectively.

Thriving in her career, Theresa McCartyhas maintained various roles in order to best serve the business angle of environmental research. Previous roles include:

Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellow & Senior Consultant at CT Green Bank

Senior Analyst at Business for Good

Analyst at Anthesis Group

Aiming to fight back against issues prompted by environmental problems, Theresa McCarty strives to promote and encourage the use of green energy and associated technology. In her worldly view, innovation is necessary to preserve the beauty of planet Earth.

  • Education
    • Stanford University
    • University of New Hampshire
    • Middlebury College