Russell Michell

Web Developer in Wellington, New Zealand

I've been a Developer of one kind or another since '98 or '99, I don't quite remember which, but Netscape 4 was pretty big.

I'm from Cambridge, UK but have been living in New Zealand for so long I've forgotten what the place is like. Tell me, do you still have red phone boxes dotted around the place? You know, the ones that always smell of wee.

I want to work with talented people in the burgeoning NZ and global Blockchain and Cleantech arenas, but quite how I might actually achieve putting these two together is a question I put to myself most mornings at around 6am, just after my Weetbix.

I'm currently a Senior Developer for Catalyst I.T. in Wellington. I do everything from backend dev using TDD and Object Oriented PHP on the awesome SilverStripe Framework to Solutions Architecture, requirements gathering and backlog creation. That said, I do know what HTML stands for, can recall how to write real JavaScript and can even write CSS without a framework.

I used to skate quite a lot, and as such will never see benches, ledges, stairs and old ladies with Tartan trolleys in quite the same light again.

There's actually an interesting story to be had around how Skating got me into Web Development, but that's for a pint and another time.

Although I'm now forty-odd, l still listen to noisy thuds and bleeps in the form of Techno and find it very productive to code to. Favourite DJs mostly hail from the 90s although they're all still about: Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, CJ Bolland, Dave Angel, heck I'll even give Armin Van Buuren a go once in a while.

Hit me up using any form of communication you see fit, there are plenty to choose from. *

* Sorry, no carrier pigeons, Speckled Jim bought it.

  • Work
    • Web Developer
  • Education
    • BSc Cognitive Science