Russell Michell

Web Developer in Wellington, New Zealand

Russell Michell

Web Developer in Wellington, New Zealand

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I've been a Developer of one kind or another since '98 or '99, I don't quite remember when exactly, but Netscape were pretty big.

I work as a Senior Developer at Catalyst I.T. in Wellington, New Zealand. Catalyst are purveyors of 100% Open Source software, and it's the "open" part that fits well with my worldview.

The term "Developer" covers many things; software design, code, solutions architecture, developer wrangling and the rest, all of which I do or have done in this and many other positions.

Since about 2016, I've been consuming all the information I can about decentralised systems; Technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS and others, all of which have the unique potential to fundamentally change some of society's most cherished tenets, and I'm hugely excited to be involved. To this end I built WalletMatrix, if you're in the market for a Bitcoin wallet.

If you want to hear more from me on any of these topics, hit me up using any of the socials at the bottom of your screen.

I used to skate quite a lot, and as such will never see benches, ledges, stairs and old ladies with Tartan trolleys in quite the same light again. There's actually an interesting story to be had around how skating got me into Web Development, but that's for a pint and another time.

Although I'm now forty-odd, l still listen to noisy thuds and bleeps in the form of Techno and Trance and find it very productive to code to. Favourite artists and DJs mostly hail from the 80s and 90s although they're all still about: Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, CJ Bolland, Dave Angel, heck I even give Above and Beyond, Maceo Plex and Paul Kalbrenna and a go once in a while.

Hit me up using any form of communication you see fit, there are plenty to choose from at the bottom of your screen. *

* Sorry, no carrier pigeons, Speckled Jim bought it.

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