Shari Loveday

Life Coach, Student, and Public Speaker in Maryland

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What happens when a woman begins searching for virtue? She finds God, purpose, and power!

Shari Loveday grew up in the tough borough of Brooklyn, NY determined to make something of herself. Very early in her life she realized she was a gifted teacher and pursued a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood education.

Along the way, she was kicked out of her home as a minor, almost evicted through hardship and loss of employment, and became the victim of a fire that claimed everything she owned. Shari refused to allow these potentially debilitating setbacks to stop her from making her mark on the world. She knew once she was breathing she had the opportunity to inspire others. Upon completing her Associate's degree, she proceeded to nurture children and coax greatness out of them for 7 years.

Stepping away from teaching in the traditional sense to raise and homeschool her own children caused her to realize there was more to her purpose. Shari decided to go back to school to finish what she started. She recently earned a Bachelor's degree in Religion with a minor in Biblical languages, and seeks a Master's in Social Work. You may be wondering how education, spirituality, and social work amount to one woman's purpose.

Throughout all her endeavors in the classroom, the church, and the community, Shari has realized that her calling is to free women to be their best selves. She knows that people are multifaceted and complex, so she utilizes her background in, knowledge of, and passion for education, spirituality, and social services to motivate, heal, empower, and free the whole woman.

Shari is the founder and Executive Director of Called to Virtue, Inc., a non profit organization geared towards empowering women and their children to improve their lives and socio-economic status. She is also an an author, a preacher, a success consultant/coach...and a woman on fire!

  • Education
    • Southwestern Adventist University
    • Northcentral University