Denise Shaw

Mediator and Public Speaker in New York

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I am a New York City-based mediator, arbitrator and lawyer who specializes in high stakes workplace, commercial, estate, family business, and multi-party conflicts where financial, legal, cultural, religious, gender, or racial concerns are at issue. I also work as a neutral for U.S. government agencies primarily mediating senior management workplace conflicts and commercial business disputes for private clients. I am a past president of the Association for Conflict Resolution, Greater New York (ACR-GNY) and a founder of the International ADR Inclusion Network.

I speak before audiences in Brazil about mediation and conflict resolution, particularly with respect to commercial business, education policy, and law enforcement issues. I was a member along with four Brazilian conflict resolution legal practitioners, of the CPR Mediation Competition problem committee for the 2019 Mediation Competition which was based on an agribusiness, blockchain and supply chain hypothetical. I also participated as mediator and judge at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) February 2020 Mediation Competition in Paris and had hoped to participate in the 2020 CPR Mediation Competition in São Paulo as a judge in March which was cancelled due to covid-19 virus concerns. I am a University of Pennsylvania Law School graduate. The Shaw Group provides conflict resolution consulting services.