Marina Mellino

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Marina Mellino, founder of The Spice Chica Gourmet Spices & Blends, had always been a great cook and loved to entertain friends. She was passionate about finding the right ingredients to create the perfect combination of Argentinean flavors in North America. In searching for superior ingredients, she found that quality mixed dry spices were difficult to find in a typical grocery—or even gourmet—store. Thus, Marina started creating her own!

Today, Marina is on a mission to inspire others to get in the kitchen and cook meals from scratch. Her belief is that with fresh ingredients, a little bit of know-how, and a whole lot of love, anyone can create flavourful dishes with soul! Marina is also a personal chef, inspired by her travels to host exotic destination-themed private parties and cooking classes. With an entourage of musicians and talented artists, she truly brings a unique flavour and excitement to any gathering.

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