The Store

Once a decade for the last five decades society comes up with a new and inventive way of retailing product.

  1. The 60’s & 70’s brought us big box stores & strip malls
  2. The 80’s brought us the shopping malls
  3. The 90’s brought us eBay & Amazon
  4. The millennium brought us big box stores trying to mimic brick and mortar through ecommerce
  5. The 2000’s brought us nothing in retail innovation.

No one enjoys shopping at a big box store or going to strip malls. Its time consuming, the choices are limited and some buyer, in some corporate head office already made up their minds as to what they think YOU want to buy. Their websites are complicated with to many options making the site almost impossible to navigate with identical pricing across all big box websites.

Now take your conventional mall; typically a mall has 3 major department stores which all offer pretty much the same branded merchandise at the same prices. Surrounding them are offshoot stores and private label boutiques.

As consumers we look for fashionable, unique and well-priced merchandise. Unfortunately in today’s typical brick and mortar mall finding merchandise that is fashionable, unique and well priced is nearly impossible.

If your looking to hang out with friends then the mall is a great place to go, but here at we will ENTERTAIN, INSPIRE and EMPOWER you to share with one another, sell to each other and together create the next innovation in retail.

Welcome to the world’s first communal shopping site.