thesupre minati

the myth of systemic police racism and racism in schools in united states

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This book documents Mr. Lauderdale's belief, based on years of experience, that the present state of American culture and the Black community in particular, is the design of "The Supreminati".

He conveys a belief that whites in general can now see clearer, and perhaps feel (for maybe the first time). the sheer ugliness and satanic spirit of The Supreminati.

This enlightenment, (he conveys) is brought to the forefront on Trump's watch Coleman Lauderdale's insight is piercing. He gives us a raw interpretation on the impact that systemic racism and hate and how it has shaped the psyche of African Americans and white Americans in general. This is a book for all times. His unique way of demonstrating how this systemic impact is pronounced,in the social behavior and economic disparage between whites and Blacks,,cleverly illustrates, how and why the racial stalemate in America seems so un-conquerable today.