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Kankakee, Il

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I love cooking and baking. It is one of my passions among other things. Watching cooking shows in the past encouraged me to seek out more information about the trade. It became a dream in the past to go to culinary school and learn how to make and create desserts and pastries from different cultures.

I started creating fancy meals like stuffed salmon, angel hair pasta topped with a butter garlic zucchini sauce and avocado salad. After years I progressed to baking cookies from scratch. The cookies turned out so good, the idea came to start a baking business. I think I am very good at this, being able to come up with new combinations and ideas that work well together and compliment the other flavors. My idea of baking treats is not just to satisfy the taste buds. I like creating poetry with ingredients. My idea of really great baked goods is submersing someone in a dream through the taste and the look of the treat; changing the cookie from a snack after dinner to a dessert with dinner.

Coming up with new ideas for cookies and brownies and putting it together for a certain look is sometimes challenging and hard work. Going through the process is fun, but it is the end results that is rewarding. Sometimes I have to make something more than once if the shape is not right or I am not satisfied with the flavor or texture. Other times, not only does the dessert come out the way I like it, but even better. Success in getting a cookie or brownie the way I want is like winning the lottery, without the cash of course.

I am my worst critic. If the product I am making is not perfect in look, taste, texture and size, I throw it out and try again until I get it right.

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I operate several home based businesses which includes: Baking and clothes designer.

My hobbies are reading, crafting, scrap booking, jewelry making, knitting, and crocheting.