The Top Drawers

Vancouver, BC

Everybody knows that the top drawer is where all the best secrets are kept. Perhaps twelve of Vancouver’s best secrets are the songs contained on The Top Drawers’ debut album, “You’re So Fine”. Richly steeped in 1960s Brit-rock flavour, The Top Drawers are intent on reviving the joy, the energy, and the fun of rock ‘n’ roll. All twelve songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered in a mere seven days. As a result, the band has managed to capture all of the chemistry and the intensity of their live show on a studio recording.

It hasn’t taken them long to collect the adoration of music-scenesters and would-be sock-hoppers everywhere they’ve played. Perhaps it’s because their obvious homage to 1960s rock music comes very naturally. Frontman, Eric Lefebvre, spent countless hours in front of his home stereo learning how to play by listening to British Invasion and blues records. That hard work paid off and he eventually found himself on tour as the drummer for former lead singer of The Hollies, Terry Sylvester. It also doesn’t hurt that the CD was mixed by Canadian audio-guru/Odds-alumnus, Steven Drake. The resulting vibe is so sincere that the only cover song on the CD, “Just Out Of Reach” by The Zombies, feels right at home here among The Top Drawers’ original compositions.

The Top Drawers have toured all over BC, Alberta and the Yukon and have performed at festivals such as The North Country Fair in Joussard, Alberta and the 4th Avenue Hippy Daze festival in Vancouver, BC. The band’s live shows have become exuberant events characterized by call-and-answer choruses, handclaps, and barrages of lead guitar. It is unapologetically rock ‘n’ roll in its truest form.

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