James Hunt

Entrepreneur in Kuching, Malaysia

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I love getting involved with stuff, helping people and fixing broken things. I'm passionate about the interactions between marketing, digital, product and user experience. I'm a full stack marketer, and always looking for the next thing.

For 2015, I'm packing up and becoming location independent and working on projects I believe in while travelling the world.

In my free time, I love fitness and nutrition, so cycling, running, yoga and general wellbeing are a big part of my life. I love quantified self, and track virtually everything I can. I love films (and I'm trying to make one), I'm learning Mandarin, writing a book about my old "other life" in the dance music industry, and I'm always searching for the perfect flat white.

Read my blog at https://www.locationindependent.co.uk

  • Education
    • Middlesex University