Mina Irfan

Life Coach in Houston, Texas

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Mina Irfan, The Universe Guru, is from Houston, Texas. She is a well-known life coach and spiritual mentor. Mina helps women from all over the world to grow personally and spiritually. She uses both spiritual teachings and her university studies to guide others.

Mina faced tough challenges when she was young, including being bullied and dealing with abuse. These tough times taught her how to be strong and helped her want to help others who are struggling.

Mina went to Northwestern University, where she studied Communications. She also learned a lot about Anthropology and Evolutionary Psychology. Her education helped her understand people better, which is really important for her job as a life coach.

Mina's career started with a YouTube channel in 2011. She created the channel to help herself heal after her mom passed away from cancer. Soon, many people started watching her videos, finding comfort and inspiration in her words. They encouraged her to become a life coach. In 2016, she started her own company called The Universe Guru. By 2017, she was making digital courses to help people find their way in life. These courses cover topics like self-growth and how to be happier.

Mina has been married for 15 years and is a mom to three kids. Her family life is very important to her and influences a lot of what she teaches. She often talks about how to balance family life with personal goals.Mina has written books and created over 80 digital courses. These focus on finding a deeper spiritual connection and achieving success in life. She believes in empowering women by helping them connect with their inner strength and take control of their lives.

Mina has a big impact on many people around the world. Her lessons and courses have helped countless women improve their lives. Her dedication to helping others find peace, joy, and success makes her a respected and loved figure in personal development.