The Vanderhurst Jet Club

990 Biscayne Blvd Suite 502 Miami, FL 33132

Phone Number: (786) 607-9021

Email: [email protected]


The Vanderhurst Jet Club, a division of The Vanderhurst Group, LLC is an exclusive “members-only” Club headquartered in Miami Beach Florida. We offer the lowest charter rates and the widest selection of aircraft, from light body jets to a full-size Airbus. We specialize in “empty leg”, heavily discounted, unsold “one way” private charter flight segments.

Richard Vanderhurst, Managing Partner, is the visionary behind the branding, strategy and marketing for the “Elite Lifestyle Membership” offering. He brings over 35 years of entrepreneurial and business development experience to one of the largest private jet charter networks.

Our “Elite Lifestyle” members can save up to 70% off the normal cost of a trip with empty-leg flights, as celebrities, CEO’s and wealthy individuals fill the sky’s 24/7 with one-way flights, an aircraft still needs to return to its home base, empty, without any passengers onboard.

As a result of today’s technological breakthroughs, harnessed with the power of the internet, the average traveler can finally afford a private charter flight, no more crammed uncomfortable seats, but the entire plane, now you can invite your family, your friends, or your business associates to join you, all for one low price.Flying commercial can be stressful; now running through the airport becomes a thing of the past. Invite the guests of your choosing and bring the oversized luggage. When you fly private, you get the freedom to choose the meal of your choice and when you want to eat.

Skip the lines, because there are no TSA security checkpoints to bypass, even if you’re traveling internationally, you simply hop on your jet and enjoy the flight. Enjoy the benefits of departing and arriving whenever you want, so you land feeling fresh and relaxed. If you enjoy comfort, relaxation and luxury, there’s no better option that chartering a private jet.

Our “Members Only Section”, the gateway to an unforgettable experience is reserved exclusively for our clients. Our online personal concierge service and operational support is available 24/7/365 for your convenience.