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Sure, I write with humor and a twisted sense of reality but that's why my work is so popular. Whether it's a script, commercial, article or headline, I put a unique writer's voice into it and my record of followers and reposts across the internet prove I'm doing something right... despite what my old teachers and family had to say about me. If you ignore my high school permanent record, which I thought was lost in a mysterious fire, you will find I know my trade as a true professional.

Specialties include humor, scripting, headlines, greeting cards and blathering rants with charming SEO and tricky keywords. Several million readers can't be wrong... sick and disturbed, yes... but with consumer buying power!

"There's a method behind Speider's MAD-ness. We were just too afraid to find out what it was and let him create without boundaries."

— David Erwin, Executive Creative Director, DC Comics/Warner Bros. Entertainment

"I knew Speider was too cruel for MAD Magazine. Imagine what I thought when he did work for me!? It was absolutely brilliant but I bit my nails, awaiting the final product. Better to just let him run with it and watch in fascination as his thought process unfolds."

— Mark DiGiovanni, Creative Manager, Golden Books Family Entertainment

"They say there is no great ability without a mixture of madness. That explains Speider. His packaging copywriting would sell water to a drowning man -- and he would do that with glee!"

— Steven Strumpf, Parker Bros.

  • Work
    • Is a good thing!
  • Education
    • Lots of it and it's actually sinking in many years later.