Thierry Levasseur

Entrepreneur in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Entrepreneur Thierry LeVasseur is a creative thinker with a range of patents to his credit.

Thierry LeVasseur’s early exposure to the Web led to his emphasis on developing and executing effective strategies for critical Web-based communication assets like corporate Intranets and websites. As new dimensions have expanded the digital communications environment, he’s seen the opportunity and need to innovate around them.

A primary area of his focus has centered on e-mail communications. As e-mail has been increasingly integrated into the fabric of our day-to-day lives, security issues have grown exponentially. E-mail has become the gateway to the sensitive internal workings of every type of organization and the personal lives of individuals. Meanwhile, costly hacks from data and identity theft to denial of service attacks have skyrocketed.

Thierry LeVasseur’s response has been to devise systems that improve the functionality and security of today’s e-mail communications. His patented solutions ensure the most common and necessary functions of e-mail are easily and effectively carried out in a way that eliminates typical hacker exposures.

LeVasseur’s patents cover a variety of functions, including secure transfer of e-mail messages through existing clients without having to change addresses and end-to-end tracking of their transmission. “For your eyes only” features are important and LeVasseur also designed a configurable cryptographic engine for storage.

His early focus in leveraging the potential of Web-based communications was on developing and executing strategies for effective channels to targeted audiences. Among the assets he created were websites, corporate Intranets, customer focus portals and extranets for commercial, government and non-profit clients.

LeVasseur has used his work in the e-mail communication space as a platform for several business ventures, as well as a platform for creating a startup that provided a cloud-based content management system for multi-channel communications.

Thierry LeVasseur was educated at the University of Quebec, where he earned an undergraduate degree in economics. He also holds three master’s degrees – an MBA from the University of Ottawa and two in international business, from Northeastern University, Boston, and the Reims Graduate Business School in France.