Myrtle Williams

Student, Teacher, and Writer in Edison, New Jersey

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I’m 46 year old dude from California that has been working in the internet marketing industry since late 2008. When I was 15, I began working with graphic designs and started my own t-shirt company, Hydro Inc, out of my parents’ garage. Since then, I’ve graduated college and built a few websites, which I found out is something I actually like doing and makes money.

I started out doing affiliate marketing in best essay writing services working with insurance leads and skateboarding products. I started a site called, site ranked quick and I started to really learn about organic traffic. That was until 2 months later, Volcom called me and had me shut down the site for violating their trademarked name. Since then, I have kept a great relationship with Volcom and even helped them out by finding similar sites like the one I had owned. For the help, Volcom sends me free clothes. (learned my lesson quick about having trademarked names in a domain)

Creating my own product website and really building my own brand. I like affiliate marketing, however when you own the product.. you make 100% instead of 10%. Also the fact I was able to quit my day job and focus more of my time on my internet projects

I don’t like to stop. I work continuously familiarizing myself with internet marketing until I find something that works. I stayed up all night, worked Monday-Sunday. I realized the potential in the internet when I made 5X the salary I made last year in 10 months. I don’t think I hit it big time yet. or I don’t think I’ve hit it big just yet.

Set Goals for yourself and work towards them! If don’t reach them, lower your goal the following year and keep working towards it.

Hard work, passion, heart, entrepreneurial spirit. You have to want it.

Wasting money on projects that I realized sucked. I really don’t like to write, stupid ideas.

Finding a niche that I really liked to do. I got through it by not giving up and continuously looking forward while focusing on the present. When I started making a little money it was the greatest feeling because I actually saw that it was possible to make money online.

I don’t like writing. Mainly because I get 5 sentences into a blog and have writers block. PPC is something I know I need to work on but keep putting it up off.