Tim Schmidt

The brightest, most inspiring, and intelligent review website for men who love to buy things, thingsmenbuy.com is surely an idea that is creating airwaves in the digital world. If you really look at it, it's amazing how nobody thought of this before! This makes a lot sense to have one place you can go to place all your buyer worries and other second thoughts to rest. These men know what they’re speaking about, and boy, oh boy, are they talking.

South Florida based entrepreneur and Online Marketing expert Tim Schmidt had the revolutionary idea to build a website from all his years of experience in the internet business community and lift the bar for internet shopping reviewers every place. Thingsmenbuy.com is an innovative path to; you guessed it, things men buy! And that means all things males buy, be it clothing, gadgets, health related shopping, sport items, books, garden tools, financial help or big boy toys; they’re not just discussing it in a personalized, experienced manner; they’re displaying videos of all the products they’re reviewing.

Other than Tim Schmidt, other helping hands are those of Brandon Sirrico and Norm Shriever. Sirrico is well versed in the art of Online Business, and the Miami based business owner concentrates on providing honest and interesting reviews about all things and won’t restrain from tearing a product to shreds if it’s the reality. Norm Shriever, of course, is quite an Internet superstar with his 5-time-Amazon best-selling author award, and has often been featured on Good Morning America, the Huffington Post, Business.com; quite notably on the Anderson Cooper tv show on CNN, NBC, Yahoo, MSN etc., and on many web sites, papers and talk shows all over the world. Shriever is a restless traveler, and his reviews not only appear like the work of a genuine writer, but in addition have that unique flair which is reminiscent of anywhere he is located at that moment. So it could be from Costa Rica, or Panama or Southeast Asia. You'll never know.

Things Men Buy has three voices that have found countless fans that recognize one or more of them, and it is this relatable mind-set that men around the world have found fresh and interesting. Engaging the visitors to get to know the men behind the site better is the foundation on what thingsmenbuy.com is building up its empire. Realizing who is behind the critical reviews helps a person much better