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sudo bash 666666§§§§¶¶¶¶§¶§••§¶§¶•¶§§¶ª••ª¶•ª¶•ªº•ªº•ªª––ªººª––º≠º–≠º–≠º––≠º–≠º≠–º≠–º≠º–≠º––≠º≠–º–≠º≠º–≠º–≠º–≠º––≠ºring0 r/tomthistlethwaite•Posted byu/reMashedup {how do you modulate the fractal parameter beta? the GSL of thermodynamics can be secured in a fractal universe by suitably choosing the fractal parameter β.'alpha.C0000000000=


MONGOLIAN BEEF! from ricci-flow via /user/reMashedup sent 2 days ago 系統備份 script 紀錄一下半年前的筆記(快沒時間了...Orz)。 之前備份策略是每個禮拜將 /home , /etc , /var 備份到另一顆硬碟上,過兩個禮拜再存到外接硬碟,但有時候會忘記整理,就會碰到備份檔把整顆硬碟空間吃光的情形

Translated from Chinese by Microsoft

MONGOLIAN beef! From Ricci-flow Via/user/remashedup sent 2 days ago system backup script record the notes from six months ago (it's running out of time ... ORZ). The previous backup strategy is to/home,/etc,/var back up to another hard drive every week, and then save it to an external hard drive after two weeks, but sometimes forget to organize, you will encounter the backup file to eat up the entire hard disk space

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