Thomas Witt

Chief Operating Officer COO and Business Consultant in Arlington, TX

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Thomas Witt is an Executive Leader at JLE Industries. Witt previously stood as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Arnold Transportation Services, based in Arlington, Texas. A seasoned professional in the transportation industry, Witt has held numerous leadership and executive level positions throughout his career. Now, in tandem with his placement at the helm of Arnold Transportation, he offers his wealth of experience and expertise to his clients as a business consultant. Witt specializes in consulting startups and executive leaders within the transportation industry.

Thomas Witt is a proud graduate of Moravian College, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Management. Over the course of his more than three decades of experience in business, Witt has refined his expertise in the area of the transportation industry. His acumen speaks to this, as he has maintained a plethora of executive level, management and leadership roles. Most recently, Witt represented PGT as a General Manager prior to his time on the Arnold Transportation Services team. He is affiliated with a variety of professional organizations and committees within the transportation industry, including TCA, ATA and TCA.