Thomas Duriez

Buenos Aires (AR), Europe (sometimes)

I am a french researcher in fluid dynamics and complex system control in the Laboratorio de Fluidodinamica of the Buenos Aires University's Faculty of Engineering. Both on experimental and modelisation sides I am contributing to the pioneer international Machine Learning Control Team. I am also active in shear flows and boundary layer instabilities and control.

You may have crossed me in ESPCI-ParisTech (Paris, FR), IMFT Laboratory (Toulouse, FR), PMMH laboratory (Ph.D., Paris, FR), LIMSI laboratory (Orsay, FR), PPRIME laboratory (Poitiers, FR), LML Laboratory (Lille, FR) or in LFD laboratory (Buenos Aires, AR).

Check my publications or my Research Gate profile for more details.

Out of the lab you are likely to catch me on a team handball court or in a milonga.

  • Work
    • CNRS
  • Education
    • PhD
    • ESPCI ParisTech