Tom Peracchio

Delaware, United States

Starting as trainer in the Army National Guard, then as a community college instructor, and now as a webmaster and freelance writer, Tom Peracchio has developed a knack of putting complex topics into simple terms, as he likes to call it, geek speak made simple.

The content for the Guru 42 Universe websites evolved from the personal lessons learned by Tom as a field service technician, systems administrator, and community college instructor.

Tom's career in business and technology started with communications and moved to office automation systems long before the acronym "IT" was widely used. As a field service technician and manager for various office automation companies Tom attended numerous customer service training programs and fine tuned his skills in customer service.

As small business networks evolved, Tom's career expanded as well into the areas of networking and systems administration. Working as a consultant to numerous businesses delivering various technology solutions, Tom gained valuable project management experience.

As a community college technology trainer, Tom learned that not everyone taking webmaster classes was there to be a technician or engineer. Many people took the classes to appreciate the topics covered so they could communicate more effectively with the technology folks they had to deal with in their roles as business managers.

Tom Peracchio used his websites not simply to deliver lessons and links, but also to serve as working models of the technology being taught. The Guru 42 Universe websites use the Drupal content management system on a LAMP server platform. Tom personally tested and used phpWebSite, PostNuke, Xoops, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, as well as a few less popular systems, and settled on using Drupal as his preferred open-source content management framework.

The Guru 42 Universe websites share the technology experiences and insights of Tom Peracchio with a wide variety of technology users.

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